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Found as a local company under modest conditions is in environment where not too many establishments were present in the Dried Fruits and Nuts Sector of Turkey in 1980, KOZA Food then selected Ankara move its head office like many other future foreseeing firms.

KOZA Food has earned a significiant place among the seeked after firms of sector boyh inland and abroad with it succesfull works from the date it commenced its activities until today and its understanding that does not give any concession from quality.

Having a wide sales and distribution network, KOZA Food by utilizing primarily the regional potential of Southeastern Anatolia is proud to provide trade and employment contribution to the country's economy.

By transforming from national level into international level the company maintained trade relations with 30 countries throughout the world. The aim is to spread such collaboration into other countries, to expand more and hence strengthen its place among the leading companies of the world.

KOZA Food is aware that the road to succes is only possible bye experienced, expert and reliable personel who do not give concessions from quality, who have principles and who utilize technology efficiently. In bulk and packed dried fruit and nuts production are made in hygienec conditions, with modern machinery without touch to the products by the workforce

KOZA Food that has never lost its enthusiasm and excitement of the first day continues its way with the same entusiasm and desire

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